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 Online webstore with PayPal cart


Create an online web store with SiteMentrix online CMS, with a PayPal shopping cart, for just €25!

Manage your orders

You'll receive paid orders by email. All orders are kept in your web store for reference. Keep track of order delivery status.

No Transaction Fees

To SiteMentrix you pay no transaction fee at all. Any payment you'll receive directly to your PayPal account
(* PayPal transaction fees apply).


Fast and easy webstore setup. Launch a product in 5 minutes. You do not need have experience with making a webshop, with HTML or programming or installing webshop software. Using your browser and the SiteMentrix online Content Management System it is easy to create an online store and manage the contents of your webshop

No Limits

SiteMentrix provides you with unlimited number of products and orders. You will never have to worry about artificial data traffic limits.


A PayPal shopping cart is standard available in your SiteMentrix webshop. A PayPal merchant account is easy to obtain for anyone, anywhere in the world, for private persons and businesses alike.

How to begin a
web store

With the SiteMentrix website builder you'll be online in 15 minutes. Simply create a website with SiteMentrix. Then enter your products and prices and taxes and place your order form on a webpage. Your web store is online directly.


For just €25/year you'll have an all-in-one e-commerce solution. Sell your products online with a SiteMentrix webshop.


SiteMentrix is a complete Paypal shopping cart and CMS e-commerce solution. Sell any products online - completely flexible to support any physical or digital product or service you would like to sell. A SiteMentrix web store is PayPal compatible, a PayPal shopping cart is standard.

Webshop Coming soon

SiteMentrix is now developing the webshop module. When ready, existing customers receive the webshop for free. New customer then will  pay €25/year



Reviews of SiteMentrix Online Store

SiteMentrix is an online Website Builder and Content Management System for your Online Store. Overall rating 5/5 based on 500 reviews.

"My own online store!"

I created my online store with SiteMentrix. Now I can sell products online. For me as a non-techinical person, it was very easy to setup.

"Complete online store solution!"

SiteMentrix offers a complete online store solution: all the required components like website, store, PayPal integration, domain plus email are being taken care of. Great support staff as well.

"Online shop with PayPal!"

What I like best about the SiteMentrix online store solution is that you can sell an unlimited number of items and that they charge no transaction fee. So maximum profit for our company.

Create an online shop with SiteMentrix!



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