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 Make or edit a link

SiteMentrix CMS allows you to easily create links without having to type HTML tags.  By using SiteMentrix you can create links to pages or files on your site, or elsewhere on the web. You can also link to an email address, when your visitors click on it, his or her e-mail program will open and forward the e-mail address that is filled in. You can use a text link or an image as a link.


A link to a page

You can create a link of a page within you SiteMentrix site and link it to another page on your site, or to an external website. Obviously you are not limited in how many links you can create.  To create a link no technical knowledge is required, it is easy to use the SiteMentrix word editor.


A link to a page on your own website

Creating a link within your site from one page to another is very simple: In the selection window, locate the desired page, you don't need to look up the web address.


A link to a page from another website

The online editor of the SiteMentrix Content Management System allows you to easily add links to any website, you just need the web URL address.


A link to a file

You can also upload a file as a. Zip file and link to this file on your website. When your visitor clicks the link, he or she can download the file. You can also link to a file on another website if you have the URL address of the file. 


Using an image as link

Instead of using text, you can also use an image as a link.


An e-mail link

You can make an e-mail link in SiteMentrix, eg mailto: noreply@sitementrix.com. When your visitor clicks an email link, his or her e-mail program will open and forward the e-mail address that is filled in.


HTML tag <a>

The HTML code for a link is: <a> but with SiteMentrix you do not have to worry about this.


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Reviews of SiteMentrix Content Management System

SiteMentrix is an online Website Builder and CMS. Overall rating 5/5 out of 500 reviews.

"Easy to create a link!"

The editor looks like my word processor. Creating links between pages is easy because you can choose from a selection window, no need to type in the page's address, can't go wrong!

"I can publish my band's mp3s!"

For our band we have a SiteMentrix website. We use it to publish our own mp3 tracks. Easy to upload and easy to create a link to an mp3 on a page. Just point and click!

"Easy to upload photos!"

It was very easy to upload multiple image files in one go, using my browser. Placing a photo in a page and creating a download link was also easy to do using the online editor.

With SiteMentrix it is easy to create a link to uploaded content files.



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