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Website creation and design

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a computer program that allows people to post and edit text, graphics and photos on the internet without any knowledge of HTML, programming or other technical things. By using a CMS you will be able to enter text as simple plain text, while the CMS will display the text in a format that can be adjusted to meet your requirements. Top

What is an online CMS?

An online CMS is a Content Management System that allows you to manage its content with your web browser.  This is different compared to the CMS programs that first must be installed on your computer.  The advantage of an online CMS is that you can make changes to your website wherever you are. Top

Can I design my website online?

By using our SiteMentrix Builder, you can make changes to the appearance of your website and put it all together yourself.  You will have the choice of a number of themes (e.g. "Hobby" or "New born baby (girl)".  Once you have chosen your theme, you will still be able to customize the design, such as the appearance of the menu, the banner logo and font. The SiteMentrix Builder will automatically show you an example of your design in the live preview. When you have finished your web design, the Builder will automatically build your website. Once your website is online, you will be able to publish text, pictures and other content. Top

Can I change the web design later?

You can revisit the Builder as many times as you wish, at no extra cost.  You can make small adjustments or even completely change the look of your website.  You can choose different themes, fonts, etc., and change them as many times as you wish.  SiteMentrix will save the pages that you have already made, so no content is lost. Top

How can I manage my website?

You will be the only person who can make changes to your website, your visitors will not be able to do this of course.  This is done by logging into your admin account on your browser.  The management screen of the SiteMentrix Content Management System is then displayed in your browser. Top

Can I make my own menu buttons? or delete and change them if neccessary?

It is possible to make changes to the menu of your website by logging into your site as administrator.  The number of menu buttons is limited by the theme, but each menu button allows you an unlimited number of sub-items.  You will not be restricted in the use of SiteMentrix CMS. Top

Can I make my own pages?

You can make your own pages with SiteMentrix. Our CMS will make the page for you, so you do not need to have any technical knowledge of HTML. Top

How many pages can I create?

You can create as many pages and publish in your SiteMentrix website. Your website can have an unlimited number of active (visible) pages. There is no artificial limitation. Top

Can I place text on my website?

You will be able to place text on your website by using the SiteMentrix Content Management System from your browser. For this, you do not have to deal with HTML tags. You simply type your text into the online word processor from your browser. It works much like a word processor like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice. Top

Can I format text?

This is possible, however it is often not necessary.  SiteMentrix will automatically display the text in the layout of your web design. You can change the layout of your text in the word processor if desired, by choosing a different font, size, colour, etc. Top

Can I post photos on my website?

You can upload photos and other images and then place them on a page by using the SiteMentrix text editor.  This is done by simply logging in as administrator on your browser.  You select the photo file on your computer and upload it to your website. SiteMentrix has a built-in, ready-made, photobook. You can upload .jpg, .bmp, .png and .gif (also animated gif-s) images. Top

Can I upload files and documents on my website for my visitors to download?

Yes you can upload .doc(x). pdf,. rar,. zip,. and mp3 files. For example, product information, manuals and forms. In the SiteMentrix online editor, you can create a text or image link to your file on a page, so your visitors can open or download the file. Top

What is the Media Catalog Module?

The Media Catalog is your online repository for photos, images and files. You will be able to store and manage your files in the folders, to keep your files organized.  As an administrator you can upload and delete files. Top

What is the Forms Module?

The Forms Module allows you to create forms on your website.  You will be able to set which details your visitors can fill in on the forms, and which details are mandatory. The answers will then be sent to your e-mail address once the form has been submitted.  SiteMentrix has no limits, you can create as many forms as you wish. Top

How much space do I get?

In SiteMentrix only your files and photos will count towards your disk allowance, not the pages themselves.  You can have an unlimited number of pages. How much disk space you have will depend on which edition you have: at SiteMentrix Light will offer you 2MB, enough for approximately 65 photographs, with SiteMentrix Pro you get 100MB, enough for approximately 3000 photographs, and the Negeso SiteMentrix Edition you get 200MB, sufficient to about 6.000 Photos (* The actual number of photos depends on the size and compression of the image files). Top


Agreement / Contract

Will I be bound to %SITEMENTIX% once I create a website?

You can try SiteMentrix Light without any obligation for 1 months. In addition to this, you as a consumer have the right to cancel the contract within 7 working days (* except the domain name) and you will receive the paid subscription deposited back into your bank account. Top

What is the minimum contract period?

The agreement has a duration of 12 months. Top

Is there an automatic renewal?

No, your contract is not renewed automatically. SiteMentrix will offer you a voluntary extension once your contract is coming to an end.  A month before the end of the current agreement you will receive a reminder email to renew. By doing that, your contract will be renewed. If you do not want to renew, then you need to do anything, the agreement will be automatically terminated. Top

Should I terminate the contract?

No, you do not have to tell us. If you do not voluntarily renew, then your contract will automatically end. Top



Can I use my own domain name and link it to my SiteMentrix website?

Yes, you can use your own domain name and link it to your website.  You can also register a new domain name at very competitive prices.  Or alternatively, you can also transfer your domain name to us, the advantage for you being that you will be able to manage your website, domain and DNS all in one place. Click here to register your domain with usTop

Can I connect multiple domains?

Yes, it is possible to connect multiple domain names to your SiteMentrix Pro website, at no extra cost. Top

Do I need to have my own domain name?

No, you do not need to own a domain name. Linking your own domain name is optional. When creating your website in the SiteMentrix Builder, your site will be given a unique name, such as "tennis".  SiteMentrix will then automatically give your website a unique name, such as "".  Your website will be accessible at this address. Top

Can I move my existing domain name to SiteMentrix?

Yes, you can easily move your domain to SiteMentrix.  The benefit of doing this is that you can manage your website, domain names and DNS all in one place. Click here to move your existing domain name to us. Top



Reviews of SiteMentrix CMS and Website Builder

SiteMentrix CMS is the online Website Builder and Content Management System. Rating (overall) 5/5 based on 500 reviews.

"Change web design whenever I want!"

I can change the web design of my SiteMentrix website whenever I want, free of charge of course. What is most impressive is that my content is kept, nothing is lost.

"No automatic renewal!"

I don't like those automatic charges on my credit card. SiteMentrix does not do that, it is opt-in. When it was time to renew my website I received an email. Had I done nothing it would have auto expired, but since I am happy, I renewed.

"Plenty of storage!"

Other website companies tried to impress me with their gigabytes of storage, but frankly, who needes that. With SiteMentrix I can put 3.000 photo's on my website, and that's more than enough for me.

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