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 Create a webform

You will easily be able to create a webform with SiteMentrix CMS without any prior knowledge of HTML. You can create a form by using the word processor in the SiteMentrix browser. You are not restricted in any way with this feature, you are allowed to create as many forms as you wish.


Use a form to ...

By putting a form on your website, visitors will for example be able to contact you through the form.  To do this, the visitor simply has to fill out the form, which will then be sent to you via email. You can use these forms to attain information, quotation or support requests. You can even create your own webshop or online order-form.



Creating the form

You can easily create a form by using your web browser and the built in word editor in the SiteMentrix Content Management System. You determine what information the visitor can fill out, the format (eg the date, or e-mail address) and the required data. You can also select lists so that your visitors do not make entry errors, such as a salutation "Mr." or "Ms".


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Reviews of SiteMentrix CMS and Website Builder

Overall rating of SiteMentrix online Website Builder and Content Management System 5/5 based on 500 reviews.

"Easy web forms!"

After watching the help video, I created a contact form by myself using the online form editor. It was not hard at all.

"Webshop with web forms!"

We could have spend thousands of dollars on creating an online store. However, with some elbow grease, we created an online store using the web forms in SiteMentrix. It works great!

"My own online survey!"

I have a small marketing consultancy form. We use SiteMentrix webforms for executing online survey projects. Unlimited webforms and easy to create.

Create a webform with SiteMentrix!



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