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 New in SiteMentrix 3

SiteMentrix has already been the online website generator and content management system (CMS) running for over 10 years. In 3.0 version many new features have become available:

Here you will find more detailed specification list.

  • Totally new WYSIWYG online HTML editor with great new features like inline CSS management.
  • Security: Limit access to web pages
  • Next release: SiteMentrix 3.1 includes template editor, free update for all websites
  • All features are available for just one price.
  • Social media integration
    • Add a Twitter widget
    • Insert a YouTube video in a page
  • Coupon system: exchange a coupon or give a coupon as a gift to a friend!
  • SiteMentrix Customer portal. Here you can:
    • Link unlimited domains to your website
    • Manage your e-mail settings
    • Change your DNS settings
    • Follow your SEO results and improve the visibility of your website with a free 1 month SEO trial 
    • Update your contact
    • Change the admin password of your site SiteMentrix
    • Buy a domain name
    • Credit card, iDEAL and over 100 other online payment methods
    • Upgrade your site to SiteMentrix Light or SiteMentrix Pro
    • Buy more online space in the portal 
  • Light version 1 month free trial  
  • Light version can be upgraded to Pro
  • Pro version includes more disk space, unlimited domain names and email services
  • More disk space for your website SiteMentrix Light and Pro
  • More (sub) menu items
  • New modules:
    • Forms
    • Photo album
    • Web poll 
    • Internet Address Book
    • Guestbook, protected by password
  • Google Web Master Tools and Google Analytics Integration
  • Protect selected pages with a logon
  • Ability to upgrade to SiteMentrix Edition: Advanced CMS and 100% handmade web.
  • Unlimited number of (special) pages
  • E-mail server with webmail support, POP3, and optional IMAP Mailbag
  • Free spam filter
  • Completely renovated with an all new help system which includes how-to videos
  • International telephone support
  • No automatic renewal (opt in), instead you can renew for multiple years
  • Backend improved compatibility with IE 8 + 9 and Firefox.
  • Generated sites are compatible with IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari
  • Fair use data policy
  • The all new website generator works with templates. With these templates you can choose a standard format for your website. In the next steps you can optimize the design
  • Completely new design styles:
    • New headers
    • New menu styles
    • Left bar can be removed
    • Footer can be removed
  • Builder Shows an example when designing
  • Draft update of the website builder
  • Possibility to display Google adverts on your website with the AdSense programme.

The new WYSIWYG online HTML editor:



The new start page:



The new design wizard:



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Reviews of SiteMentrix features

SiteMentrix is an online Content Management System and Website Builder. Overall rating 5/5 based on 500 reviews.

"Super editor!"

The editor is as easy and feature rich as a word processor. Fine control over inline CSS styling too if I need it. One of the best without a doubt!

"All I need!"

It has all the features I need, online photo album, web forms and a guest book as well. And all that for one price!

"Google Analytics standard feature!"

I want to monitor my website's traffic. Setting up Google Analytics was easy, just entered my code, SiteMentrix took care of the tech stuff automatically.

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