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How visible is my website?

By using our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool that comes with 12Rank, you will gain insight into the findability of your website in Google and other search engines. 12Rank will measure and improve the findability of your website for you.


How to effectively advertise?

Increase the effectiveness of your online advertising. 12Rank SEO will show you the popular keywords in Google AdWords. Advertise effectively with the most popular search terms at the lowest cost.


How will my website be found?

12Rank will follow the search terms that Google and other search engines use to index your website.


How can I respond to trends?

Search behaviour on the Internet constantly changes. By using the 12Rank SEO tool you can see which search terms are currently widely sought for and increasing in popularity in the United Kingdom and USA.  This allows you to adapt your site to the latest trends. 



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