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€ 9.00
€ 7.61
€ 8.55
€ 8.10
€ 7.49
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€ 8.48
€ 8.25
€ 11.92
€ 8.26
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€ 9.69
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€ 8.77
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Why buy your domain from SiteMentrix?


DNS Wizard and Advanced DNS Editor

The DNS Wizard will allow you to easily make changes to your domain settings. If you are already experienced with DNS settings you can use our Advanced DNS Editor.

Discount on your e-mail server

You will be able to make unlimited e-mail addresses, as well as manage your own email domain online. You will also be given a professional anti-spam and anti-virus filter and you can read your emails with your smartphone by using imap (iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile and Windows Phone).

Ease of Use

Our Customer Portal gives you complete control over your domain. It has a user-friendly interface which allows you to easily manage multiple domains, subdomains, domain forwarding, A-records, name servers, locking, transfers and much more.

Assistance with purchase and use

Our friendly staff will always ready to help you. You can contact us via email or telephone.

Fast online registration

Have your domain and email server online in minutes. By using our SiteMentrix website builder you could have your website online in just 15 minutes.

Full domain name control

To setup your own name servers you can use our advanced DNS editor. You will be given free access to our DNS server in the Netherlands, USA, Brazil and Singapore.

International hosting platform

We have servers in Europe, America, Singapore and Brazil. This worldwide coverage will guarantee fast access to your website. You will be able to choose which server acts as your primary server.

URL Forwarding with no ads

Redirect traffic to another domain. You can add, change or delete the forwarding at the customer portal.

Top level DNS servers

We offer a professional DNS environment. All your changes are processed immediately. If the changes are valid on all 6 our DNS servers, it will be replicated in 5 different countries.

Park your domain, free basic webpage

If you do not have a website, we will offer you a free parking page.

Renew your domain for the advertised price

When the time comes to renew your domain name, we will charge you the same price you initially paid. There are no hidden costs. Many domain registrars charge much higher prices in the 2nd year, but not with us!

Transfer Lock

By default, the transfer lock will be on, which will protect you against domain theft.




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You will be able to register a domain name at a competitive price at SiteMentrix. There is a wide range of extensions to choose from.


Reviews of SiteMentrix Domain Registration and CMS

SiteMentrix is an online Website Builder and CMS Content Management System. Overall rating 5/5 out of 500 ratings.

"Great combo, domain and website!"

I needed a website with my own domain name. With SiteMentrix, the domain name registration was practically for free. Now that's a great bargain.

"Great selection of cheap domains!"

I needed to register several domains, not just .com but different ones. SiteMentrix offers a great selection, all I needed. And I can connect all my domains to my one SiteMentrix website.

"Full domain control!"

SiteMentrix includes a powerful online DNS editor as well as an easy to use DNS Wizard. Full domain control, exactly what I require.

Your website with your own domain name online in 4 easy steps!



Buy your domain at SiteMentrix:  .asia - €5.92  .at - €12.84  .be - €6.92  .biz - €12.37  .cc - €10.77  .ch - €10.69  .co - €10.83  .com - €9.65  .com.ua - €9.00  .co.uk - €7.61  .de - €8.55  .dk - €8.10  .es - €7.49  .eu - €7.36  .fr - €8.48  .in - €8.25  .info - €11.92  .it - €8.26  .li - €10.69  .me - €9.69  .me.uk - €7.61  .mobi - €11.42  .name - €8.77  .net - €12.22  .nl - €7.50  .nu - €15.10  .org - €9.36  .org.uk - €9.76  .pm - €8.85  .re - €8.85  .ru - €6.42  .tel - €12.20  .tf - €8.85  .tv - €26.55  .us - €5.92  .wf - €8.88  .ws - €8.86  .yt - €8.88