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 Custom Webdesign, Turnkey online




For 75 our professional design studio will design a custom banner for your SiteMentrix website. For 249 our professional design studio will make a custom webdesign for your SiteMentrix website. For 499 we will make your SiteMentrix website turnkey online, including: custom made webdesign, custom designed banner, layout content pages, SEO and much more.

How does it work?

  1. Buy your SiteMentrix website for 19 /year
  2. Upgrade your SiteMentrix website with our SiteMentrix SetUp Service below.
  3. Fill out and upload the design intake form downloadable in the portal - documents.
  4. We will create a website with a unique handmade webdesign.
  5. Provide us content, and we will create and layout up to 10 webpages, including photo album, guest book, contact book or FAQ (option 3).
  6. We will set metatags and SEO setting and your free Negeso-SEO monitoring account (option 3).
  7. We'll setup your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools (option 3).


 custom designed banner

Build your website with a professional look with a custom made banner. The banner will be placed at the top of your SiteMentrix web site to draw visitors’ attention.


Based on your briefing, our design studio will make a custom designed banner. We can include your logo and supplied images in the banner. We can also create unique artwork and use stock graphics.


Get a custom designed banner for 75!


Custom webdesign

Guest Book

The Guest Book Module will allow your visitors to post public messages on your website. An anti-spam feature is built-in.


The Special Pages Module allows you to create and manage non-menu pages and popups. Making your website design unique.


The Media Catalog Module offers management capabilities for media files, such as documents, images, audio and video.

google compatible

Your SiteMentrix website is fully compatible with Search, Merchant, Webmaster Tools, Analytics, +1, AdWords, AdSense and YouTube.


The Photo Album Module will allow you to create and manage photo albums. Your photos are presented as "thumbnails" or as a "slide show".

form module

With a web Form your visitors can request information and/or contact your organization. You define the data fields and which data is mandatory.

custom design

Based upon your input in the webdesign intake form we will make and implement a handmade webdesign.

page properties

The Page Properties module allows you to manage the settings of a web page, such as metatags.

faq module

 With the F.A.Q. Module you can manage your FAQ section. You will be able to publish your own questions and answers.

contact book

In your Contact Book Module you will be able to store the contact details of your friends, family and colleagues.

menu constructor

The Menu Editor Module allows you to make changes to the menu of your website.


You can grant users access to the administration part of your website.The Security Module also allows you to restrict visitor access to webpages.


Custom webdesign and turnkey online

metatags & seo settings

Based upon the text you provide to us we will find popular keywords and add them to your webpages and metatags, optimizing your pages for search engines.

gwmt, ga & adwords

We will setup a Google account for you and setup Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

serp monitoring

We will setup an account at www.negeso-seo.com, so you can monitor the SERP/SEO of your keywords.

create and layout 10 pages

We will create your website menu, up to 10 pages, insert Twitter frame, attach Facebook account, setup Google accounts, setup Google Analytics / GWMT, setup SEO, site settings and make a contact form. You will have a ready-to-go turnkey website online.

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Reviews of SiteMentrix Builder, CMS, Webdesign and Turnkey Online upgrade

SiteMentrix is an online website builder and content management system. Overall rating 5/5 based on 500 ratings.

"My own custom banner!"

I liked SiteMentrix, but I wanted my own banner. I could upload my own, but I am not a graphic designer. SiteMentrix created for me my own custom banner. I am very happy with how it looks.

"I got that special look!"

By all means, the standard webdesigns are great, but I wanted that special look. So I bought the upgrade to a Custom Webdesign. Now my website's got that special look I wanted.

"They took care of the complete setup!"

I was pressed for time. SiteMentrix solved my problem by taking care of the complete setup process. Now I've got my own website with a custom webdesign, banner, and filled with content.

A custom banner, custom webdesign or turnkey online upgrade for your SiteMentrix website!



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